Muglan Care

The Muglan Care

“Business cannot be successful when society fails.” Ensuring our obligations toward society are satisfiedMuglan Pvt. Ltd has Muglan Care as a charity program initiative to help societies‘ different class, to endure and uplift their difficulties. Muglan Pvt Ltd is an International organization based in Australia and Nepal, invested in the cuisine industry.
Giving is not just about donating. It is about making a difference. And especially in the context of our country Nepal, we have lots of opportunities to make an impact on those differences. So, our organization has taken an initiative to carry out charity programs as well as collaborating with other independent organizations in a mission to reduce those difference. With this collective effort, we dream to educate orphans and settle their future in responsible hands. Besides orphanswe are also exerting our influence and resources to resolve the issue of homelessness. On this journeywe have encountered multiple problems and realized on the process that investing in the surface level will only resolve this problem temporarily. Sowe are now pursuing more sustainable ways to resolve this issue.

Despite these steps taken; we are aware that our efforts are not enough. Sowe always held a charity program in our anniversary to do what we can; not just to celebrate but also to make others aware and motivate them to take part in this journey.
In our countrywe often encounter news regarding some decorated former sportsperson struggling to earn their basic commodities for their living. Still, we see many young people motivated to confront those difficulties and perform for their country, despite these outcomes. We Nepalese are really sensitive when it comes to our motherland. To support those pure souls who have passions to play but unable to afford the amenities required, we are donating to clubs like Sahara Academy to lift up those souls and polish them become the next star of our country.
We are and will be working on these issues continuously in every way possible. We are always operating closely with societies, assessing problems as well as emergencies and acting accordingly in a rational way so that we can make the maximum impact of our available resources in right time at right place.

“Caring about others, running the risk of feeling, and leaving an impact on people, brings happiness.”

“Organization Isn’t About Perfection; It’s About Efficiency, Reducing Stress And Clutter, Saving Time And Money And Improving Your Overall Quality Of Life.”